My Reference System

Here is my current reference system in no particular order:

  • Bespoke Transrotor Rossini turntable with Jelco tonearm and Audio Note Io Gold phono cartridge
  • Audio Note AN-S9 low-impedance MC stepup transformer with Audio Note Silver Tantalum resistors using Audio Note Pallas low-capacitance cables teriminated with Eichmann Silver Bullet Plugs to go to the tube phonostage of my Audio Note OTO Phono SE Signature integrated amplifier
  • Audio Note CD 3.1x/II as a CD transport with a Stealth Varidig Sextet digital cable going into an Audio Note DAC 4.1x Balanced Signature CD-resolution all vacuum tube analog DAC, a true reference-level DAC
  • Ayre DX-5 DSD “universal audio/video engine” to play Blu-ray discs or DVDs as well as alternative music disc formats such as SACDs and DVD-As.
  • Magnum Dynalab MD807T true triode internet tuner connected to Apple Time Capsule router via a 0.75 meter AudioQuest Vodka CAT7 Ethernet cable
  • J-Corder rebuilt Technics 1520 universal 1/4″ reel to reel tape deck with custom pinch rollers running through an Audio Note AN-Vx pure silver cable with Eichmann Silver Bullet Plugs into the AUX in of the OTO.
  • Willy Hermann rebuilt, Nick Gowan fine-tuned Nakamichi Dragon reference-level, auto-reverse stereo cassette deck
  • Simaudio MOON Neo 280D streaming DAC connected to my LAN via another AQ Vodka Ethernet patch cable (a little tweaked out)
  • Audio Note OTO integrated amplifier driving Audio Note piano lacquer finish Makassar wood AN-E SEC Silver loudspeakers with bi-wired Audio Note pure silver speaker cables (the AN-SPx) plus silver wired dome tweeters, hemp woofers and Murata super tweeters (to bring out the bass, oddly enough)
  • Gloss black Woo Audio GES electrostatic headphone amp with all NOS tubes and Stax L507 electrostatic ear speakers (based on the Stax Lamda Signatures). Audio Note AN-Vz silver interconnect cables with Eichmann Silver Bullet Plugs going from the tape out of the OTO to the GES.
  • PS Audio Power Plant 10 AC regenerator connected to the wall socket with the amazing Stealth Straight silver power cable plus an Equi=Tech balanced transformer connected to the P10 with another Stealth Straight power cable
  • Harmonic Technology pure-silver Magic Power Cords used throughout the system
  • Kondo Sound Labs KSL-LP pure silver interconnect cables with Eichmann Silver Bullet plugs
  • Custom built pair of three-shelf component stands with various harmonically pleasing woods and brass rails throughout as well as hidden sandboxes filled with about 25 pounds of fine, dry sand each and sealed with black wooden panels and stainless steel wood screws
  • A Melco N1A audiophile-quality NAS connected to an Apple Airport Extreme with a short run of the AQ Vodka CAT7 Ethernet patch cable
  • 55″ Sony HDR UltraHD 4K display connected to the TOSLINK input of the Simaudio 280D via a very long eight-meter true glass WireWorld Supernova 7 optical digital cable
  • Transparent Premium HDMI cable between the Ayre DX-5 DSD and the 55″ Sony 4K display plus a network switch to split off an AQ Vodka Ethernet cable for better video streaming quality (plus 100 mbps high-speed internet service)
  • Various power line filters and a transformer-based AC distribution device (the PowerWedge) with Audience PowerChord e’s running to both the DX-5 DSD and the 55″ Sony 4K display
  • Wooden racks and drawers from Per Madsen design to hold copious LPs, CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs plus cassettes, also have several well-known 1/4″ two-track 15 ips prerecorded tapes (plus one bespoke Chromium Dioxide cassette by a jazz ensemble performing tributes to Jimi Hendrix, a truly stunning recording [even] on cassette)
  • Quadraspire four-shelf bamboo SVT stand for tape decks and internet tuner

Here is my secondary system:

  • Aurender N100H music streamer with Stealth Audio USB cable going to an Ayre QB-9 DSD DAC
  • Nakamichi CR-3A three-head cassette deck
  • Triode Audio Corporation TRV-88SE push-pull, line-level, vacuum tube integrated amp
  • Audio Note AX-Two bookshelf monitors (modified internally with silver wire) sitting on tall, steel stands filled with fine, dry sandblasting sand and attached to the AX-Twos with strips of Blu-tack
  • Audio Note AN-Vx interconnect cables with Eichmann Silver Bullet plugs and a specially-made pair of Audio Note Lexus biwire copper speaker cables (for the AX-Twos) with banana plugs
  • PS Audio Power Plant 10 AC regenerator with long Audience PowerChord “e” power cable going to the wall socket
  • Equi=Tech balanced transformer using Stealth Swift power cables for connection to the P10 and going to most components
  • Woo Audio WA6-SE single ended headphone amplifier with NOS tubes with several pairs of headphones including but not limited to HiFiMax Edition Xs, Fostex TH900s, and Focal Elears, all custom wired by Moon Audio with their Silver Dragon V3 headphone cable using a modular connection system (inline 4-pin mini-XLR connectors on the cable to add extensions or swap out connectors such as a full size 4-pin XLR for balanced amplifiers plus a 1/4″ Furutech TRS plug),
  • Quadraspire Q4 EVO component stands
  • AudioQuest Diamond, Vodka, and Forest CAT7 Ethernet cables

Here is my headphones-only system:

  • 27″ Quad-core iMac running OS X and Audirvana Plus
  • Triode Audio Corporation TRV-CD5SE vacuum tube CD player and USB DAC
  • Locus Design Axis USB cable going to the Tri TRV-CD5SE from the iMac
  • Stealth Sakra balanced interconnects connecting XLR outs of CD5SE to Cavalli Liquid Gold solidstate, high-power headphone amp
  • Stealth Sakra unbalanced interconnects connecting RCA outs of CD5SE to Woo Audio WA5-LE V2 vacuum tube headphone amp with real Western Electric 300Bs and NOS driver and rectifier tubes
  • Audeze LCD-2.2 planar magnetic headphones with Moon Audio Silver Dragon V3 headphone cable
  • AKG K701 headphones split-modified with Audio Note AN-SPx speaker cable and gold-plated Furutech 1/4″ stereo headphone connector (mates beautifully with the Liquid Gold)
  • HiFiMan original HE-1000s with Moon Audio Premium Black Dragon V2 headphone cable and all rhodium-plated connectors
  • Equi=Tech balanced transformer and all Stealth Swift power cables, including a long Stealth Swift with pure silver AC prongs going into the P10 from the secondary system
  • Small Quadraspire Q4 EVO component stand
  • AudioQuest Diamond and Vodka CAT7 Ethernet cables